Tarte Drench Lip Splash Lipstick

Hello! I know last time I said I’d be blogging on a more regular basis, well, as you can see, that did not happen. ūüėõ On the bright side, I am spending a lot more time outdoors like going to the beach or out to the city. So I’m letting that to be my excuse… To make up for the lack of updates, here are some photos of me doing some of the fun stuff (a nice change to all my makeup photos):


Okay, back to makeup! I recently got a lipstick as a sample from a Sephora order, initially I was very hesitant on picking this sample since I don’t really wear lipsticks, and the color of this sample was a very bold¬†fuchsia! But then I bought¬†it anyway since I got nothing to loose, and it’d be fun to try out different lipsticks for once. ūüôā

And here it is:¬†tarte¬†Rainforest of the Sea‚ĄĘ Drench Lip Splash Lipstick¬†in Surfer Girl.


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Quick Update

Wow, I know¬†I haven’t updated my blog for a while but I didn’t¬†realized it’s been over¬†3 months! I wanted to come here to give everyone a quick update on why I’ve been absent. The past few months have been crazy at work,¬†since we were finally launching the product we’ve been working on for a while!


The product¬†is called Spaces, it’s group sharing app that lets people get together to share around any topics they are interested in, please check it out at:¬†https://get.google.com/spaces/.

I have already created a Makeup Space, please join if you are interested to talk about all kinds of makeup stuff,¬†I’d love to get to know you guys more. You can also use the Spaces app to create a Space for your own family and friends to talk about anything you want!

Now that we are launched, I finally get back my weekends, and I’m looking forward to update my blog on more regular basis. Stay tuned~

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Hello friends! I hope everyone’s having a wonderful Valentine’s day! Hubby and I normally don’t make a big deal out of Valentine’s day so today we just went out to have brunch where I got a rose¬†from the restaurant! Afterwards¬†we went to sit in a cafe to relax and enjoy the sunshine. (It’s 75 degrees in the middle of February, you gotta love California for that)

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Double Face Makeup


Ever since I came across this video, I’ve been wanting to try it out. It’s a video by dope2111, who’s amazingly talented. She does a lot of halloween and celebrity imitation makeups. Most of the looks she does look really hard but when I saw this video, I thought it was actually do-able, and would be lots of fun!

The whole process took about an hour and a half, I’m pretty happy with the results. Certainly had a lot of fun weirding out my husband, haha. Though I didn’t realize I had drawn my eyes so far apart until I was finished with everything, but¬†I was too lazy for a re-do, hehe. The hardest part was actually drawing the nose, I had to do it three times to make it at least resemble something of a nose.

double face 2

And the best part of doing looks like this is you can have so much fun with the end results:

double face 3.jpeg


For the next time, I’m thinking of¬†finally doing a zombie look soon, in anticipation¬†of the Walking Dead! ūüėÄ

Did this look weird you out? Would you try it out too?

Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof K√īhl Liner Review


Over the holidays, I bought a special edition Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof eyeliner to try out. It was on sale for $29 for 5 eyeliners, which works out to be about $5 each, considering they each sell for $20, it was a really good deal!

I originally got these eyeliners just to¬†expand the colors in my eyeliner collection, but I discovered an amazing secret to these eyeliners that I didn’t know. They are indeed as advertised to be “always sharp”!

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Happy New Year!


I’ve been terrible with blogging again, mainly because I’ve been enjoying spending time with my family. But I wanted to take the time to come here and wish everyone a wonderful, healthy and happy 2016!

I don’t do new year resolutions, mainly because I realized I never follow through hehe. Instead, I have a general plan for the new year. So for 2016, I hope to share with you more beauty related thoughts, and get to know everyone better. I’ll get back to a regular posting schedule as soon as I’m back¬†from the holiday.¬†I have many ideas for new posts¬†in mind so¬†I’m excited to share them with everyone. ūüôā

What’s your new year plan?


Naked Smoky Eyeshadow Palette Review

smokey cover

Smokey eyes are one of my favorite looks to do, because you can wear them simple and light for an everyday look or make them intense for special events. It’s also a great look for monolids like mine since¬†smokey eyes help open up the eyes and easily give the illusion of dimensions to the eye.

So when Urban Decay came out with their own Smoky eyeshadow palette, I was super excited! Given I already have their original Naked and Naked 2 palettes, I was hesitant to buy yet another UD palette. But when I got a coupon code from Sephora, the first thing I thought about buying was the Smokey palette!

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Rose Gold Look with Naked 2


It’s been a while since I last blogged, between work and traveling for the¬†holidays, life has certainly been busy. Now¬†I finally got some breather room, I’m glad to come back to blogging. ūüôā

Today I’m going to show you a go-to look I’ve been doing lately ¬†using the Urban Decay Naked 2 palette.

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I’m a Nerd! – Halloween Tutorial


A few weeks ago, I decided to¬†look like a man¬†for Halloween. It was very well received among my friends and family (my mom didn’t even recognize me), and of course you guys! ūüôā¬†Though the makeup process was super fun, I didn’t enjoy looking like a man, and neither did my husband, hehe.

So for the¬†Halloween party at work, I decided to look like a nerd!¬†I thought it’d be really fun to dress up like a nerd for work since I’m a Software Engineer, and let’s just say I work in a sea of nerds. ūüėõ

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