Makeup is a tool to enhance, not to cover

Just like every girl, I get very self-conscious with my appearance sometimes. With all the media filled with perfect-looking models and actresses, it’s easy to think “if only I have her legs” or “her eyes are gorgeous!”. Particularly now that I work in a ‘fashion’ company (‘fashion’ is in quotes since what I do has nothing to do with fashion), the girls at my office are always so put-together, with the perfect hair, wardrobe and shoes, and it doesn’t help once in a while I bump into a model!

But when I catch myself having thoughts like ‘I wish I could look like her’, I tell myself to stop. It sounds so cliche since I feel you hear about this everywhere, but it’s helpful to go through a list of things that make you great and unique, and then you’ll start feeling awesome. And guess what, your confidence will shine, and people around you will notice.

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A Beginner’s Journey in Cosmetics

The land of cosmetics have always intimidated me, so many colors and so many brands. I always tried my best to stay away from it, and once in a while I’d try some on, and it’d turn out looking hideous so I had to quickly wipe them off.

To give you a little bit of background about me, I grew up as a tomboy. My school didn’t allow girls to have hair past their ears, so we had to keep them short, army-length short! I wore baggy uniforms, and played soccer with the boys and kicking dirt while doing it.

While in college, I started realizing my wardrobe is a bit… off to say the least, they didn’t match, some of them weren’t even my size! As I started noticing the world around me, I began to appreciate the beauty of it and the creativity people have, with their wardrobe, their hair style and their makeup.

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