Makeup is a tool to enhance, not to cover

Just like every girl, I get very self-conscious with my appearance sometimes. With all the media filled with perfect-looking models and actresses, it’s easy to think “if only I have her legs” or “her eyes are gorgeous!”. Particularly now that I work in a ‘fashion’ company (‘fashion’ is in quotes since what I do has nothing to do with fashion), the girls at my office are always so put-together, with the perfect hair, wardrobe and shoes, and it doesn’t help once in a while I bump into a model!

But when I catch myself having thoughts like ‘I wish I could look like her’, I tell myself to stop. It sounds so cliche since I feel you hear about this everywhere, but it’s helpful to go through a list of things that make you great and unique, and then you’ll start feeling awesome. And guess what, your confidence will shine, and people around you will notice.

I’ve gone through majority of my life so far makeup free, I’ve always thought makeup is a veil for your face, it doesn’t let people see your true self. But lately I feel makeup can be used to make you feel more confident. One of the greatest things of being a girl, I’ve always believed, is we get to play dress up and paint our faces. We have so many companies shower us with products whose sole purpose is to make us beautiful.

While it’s really fun for me to try out makeups, it’s important to think of it merely a tool to enhance our features, but not to cover our flaws. It can be used to make us look fierce, elegant or cute, depending on our mood of that day. But it shouldn’t be thought of to cover up our flaws, we need to own up to them, because that’s what make us unique and special.

These are just some of my thoughts around this area, I didn’t want to get into makeup stuff without putting this down, since I feel at a glance, this blog can seem to be vain and superficial. But if we keep these in mind, I think it’s perfectly okay (and fun) for us to enjoy the purses, dresses, high heels, hair products, and makeup. After all, who doesn’t enjoy looking beautiful? 😀

For the next few posts, I’m thinking of documenting some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned about makeup so far, so they’ll definitely be more fun and hopefully useful. So stay tuned!


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