Colored Eyeliner

One of the makeup trends I’ve noticed this spring and summer is colored eyeliners. My default color has always been black, but this summer I decided to give colored eyeliners a try. The colors I’ve tried so far are Purple, Blue, Aqua, Brown and Gold.

My favorite is a combination of purple and aqua. I put the purple eyeliner on the upper eyelids, and the aqua on the bottom outer thirds of the eye.
Colored Eyeliners

The purple really compliments brown eyes and the aqua adds a nice pop of color, so it’s perfect for spring or summer.

Since I wanted to try out different colors of eyeliners, I didn’t want to spend too much on each one, so the perfect choice is Milani Liquid Eye. Its quality is comparable to Urban Decay’s 24/7 Glide On Pencil, and it lasts forever and doesn’t smudge at all. The best part is it only costs $7 each! (Compare to UD’s 24/7 at $18)

milani_eyelinerThey carry different types of eyeliners, one that has automatic propel tip so it doesn’t require sharpening, and the other doesn’t. To me, the quality of them are the same, they just carry different colors in each type. I prefer the ones with the propel tip since I’m always too lazy to sharpen.

The other brand I’ve tried is Cover Girl’s flamed out shadow pencil. The texture of this is not as smooth as UD or Milani, but it carries bold colors like ginger, gold and lime green.

gold_eyelinerColored eyeliners are really fun to play with, and you can change up the color depending on the season or your mood. It’s the perfect way to show your uniqueness through makeup and letting your inner artist out on display!

What colored eyeliners have you tried?




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