Makeup for Glasses

I normally wear contacts, but there are days when I’m feeling lazy or I want to give my eyes some rest so I would wear glasses to work. Here are some of the tips I found useful for applying makeup when wearing glasses.


1. Clear Complexion
I find it’s really important to have a clear complexion when I’m wearing glasses. Since you already have something extra on your face, you don’t want to have your glasses compete with your blemishes!

2. Heavier lower eyeliner
If you notice in the photo above, I’m wearing two different frames. Both cover up my upper eyelid, so it’s the perfect time to up your game for those lower eyelids. Dab a little more eyeshadow along the lower outer rim of the eye, or grab a colored (green, purple, turquoise) eye pencil and give your eyes a pop of color. It’s spring time after all! 🙂

3. Cover up those dark circles
If you are like me where you are constantly haunted by those dark circles no matter how much sleep you get, then it’s essential to cover them up when wearing glasses. For some reason, I find glasses draws attention to those under eye areas, so if there are dark circles, they can make you look extra tired.

4. Defined eyebrows
Since our frames sit right underneath the eyebrows, it’s important to have well-defined eyebrows. So it can complement the glasses and help frame the face.

5. No mascara
This is more of a personal preference. I find it super annoying when my eyelashes hit the lenses, so I generally don’t put on any mascara when I wear glasses. If you have naturally curled lashes, then I envy you since wouldn’t have to worry about it!

I know a lot of girls who refuse to wear glasses out in public since they think the glasses make them look sloppy, but I think with the right makeup you can still look chic and polished with glasses. I also like wearing glasses because they can be more forgiving on those minor makeup mistakes that I always make. 😛


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