Easy silver & purple look

Today we have a super easy silver and purple look featuring the Loreal HiP Duo in Electrified. This eyeshadow duo has been sitting on the bottom of my makeup bag for quite some time now and I recently picked it back up since I wanted to play with some color. 🙂


Before you put on any eye makeup, you should always start with eyeshadow primer, it’ll help the shadow and eyeliner stay on all day. My favorite is the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Lotion.

For quick looks like these, I generally apply the shadow with my fingers. I use my ring finger since I find it gives me more precision and it is also the weakest finger so it won’t cause unnecessary tagging and dragging.


First pick up some silver color with a clean finger, and apply it all over the lid. Make sure to not go above the eye sockets. I love this silver shade, since it’s so multi-dimensional. If you look closely, you can see that it has purple specs in it, and under some lighting, it shows up as a gorgeous silver shade with a purple undertone.


Next, pick up the purple color, and apply just to the outer corner of the eyelids. Don’t start with too much shadow, try it out first, and see how you like it since you can always grab some more color. Make sure you blend it well with the silver color so there are no obvious edges. After this step, you should have the silver on the center of the eyelid to make it pop, and the purple shade on the outer corners to help create dimension. And that’s it for the eyeshadow part of the look! Told you it was easy.

Next, apply the eyeliner. You can choose any color for this look, and I decided to pick a purple one to stick to the purple theme. 🙂 But you can use black, brown, or even teal for a more playful look.

And here is the final look! It’s really easy, and normally takes me only 10 minutes to do. I love having duos like this where the colors already came pre-matched, so you don’t have to figure out which colors go with what.


Would you try out this look?


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