Single-shade Eyeshadow Looks

Today we are going to talk about eyeshadows, in particular, the ones that can be used alone as a single-shade. I’ve talked to a lot of girls who are intimidated with eyeshadows, not only do they not know how to apply eyeshadows, but to figure out which shades mix well together is a nightmare for them. My recommendations to them have always been to start out with a few eyeshadows that are good as an all-over color, and once they are comfortable with that, they can then play with mix and match with different shades.


How to pick the single-shade eyeshadows

The best option for a single-shade eyeshadow is to stay neutral: brown, taupe, or bronze all make for excellent choices. It’s best to find the shades that are buildable as well. The neutral shades will give a natural look, while the buildable factor can help create dimension.

Here are a few of my recommendations that I’ve used many times, and have always been my go-tos:

#1. Mac eyeshadow in Satin Taupe

I love Mac eyeshadows, since you can always count on them for having a great quality with the smoothest finish. The only downside is the price. A single Mac eyeshadow normally cost around $20 which is pretty pricy even for a none drugstore brand.

But the Satin Taupe is one shade that’s worth the investment. This shade has great quality, it’s long-lasting and the color is multi-dimensional. It’s also one of the lighter shades, so it’s a good starter to try out if you are new to eyeshadows. It’s extremely buildable and it’s my go-to shadow whenever I’m trying to go for a more natural laid-back look.


#2. L’Oréal Paris Infallible 24 hour Eye Shadow in Bronzed Taupe

The 24 hour eyeshadow from L’Oréal is one of the most popular drugstore eyeshadows, and it’s for good reasons. They offer a stunning variety of shades, from neutrals to the more intense. One of my favorite shades is the 89. Bronzed Taupe, it’s a bit darker than Mac’s Satin Taupe, but it’s still look very natural on the eyes.


#3. Maybeline Color Tattoos in Bad to the Bronze & Tough as Taupe

When Maybeline first came out with their Color Tattoo eyeshdows, I loved them. I went to the drugstore almost every day to stock up on different shades. The quality was really like a tattoo – once you get them on your lid, they will not budge or crease and will stay on all day. The problem, as I found out later on is that they dry out. Some shades more than others. So I’d be using only 1/4 of the pot and it’d be way too dry to be used. Nevertheless, they only cost about $6-$7 in Target, and their first few months uses are easily blendible. My two favorite shades were Bad to the Bronze (which is a gorgeous shimmery bronze shade), and Tough as Taupe (which is a gray-ish taupe that I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on).


How to apply the eyeshadows

Since us working ladies are always in a rush in the morning but we still want to look great, I usually apply my eyeshadows using my fingers. It’s not the neatest but it’s super quick, and the fingers help warm up the shades so they apply even smoother.

What I usually do is with a clean finger, grab some product and apply it all over the eyelid to get a nice base. Then I use my ring finger to grab more product, and just dab onto the outer corners of my eyes. The final step is to blend it all out with another clean finger so it looks natural and there are no harsh edges.

That’s it, super easy! It usually only takes me about 5 minutes for this process.



I hope this helped to take away some of the fears of applying eyeshadows. Once you master the single-shade eyeshadows, it’ll be a super easy and fun transition to using different shades.


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