Everyday Makeup Tutorial with Naked 2

Lately, I’ve been using Urban Decay’s Naked 2 palette a lot. I also have the original Naked palette, and I’ve always preferred it over the Naked 2, because it has more matte shades which I thought looked better on my monolids eyes. But recently I really want to try out a few new looks so I decided to give Naked2 another shot, and I found myself fell instantly in love with quite a few shades. This look has also been my goto everyday look lately because I love it so much.


Step 1: Apply YDK all over the lids. I absolutely love this shade, it’s a neutral shimmery taupe with a purple sheen. It looks quite shimmery in the pan so I was staying away from it for a long time, but on the eyes it looks very natural and reflects off different colors under different lightings, and the shimmers never come out as too exaggerated.

Step 2: Pick up some Busted and apply to the outer corners of the eyes. You’ll want to create a fade that’s darker on the outside and lighter towards the middle of the eyes.


Step 3: This step is optional, but if you want to add more dimension, put some Snakebite on top of Busted, but focus it purely on the outer corners of the eyes.

Step 4: Apply some Foxy shade right underneath the eyebrows and inner corners of the eyes to create some highlights.


Since the eyeshadow shades are mostly neutral, you can use any color of eyeliners, I normally go with a dark brown, purple or a black shade. For the look today, I used Stila’s smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in the shade Black Amethyst which is black color with purple undertone.


And here’s the final look!


What’s your goto everyday look?


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