All about Eyebrows

They say the eyes are the window to the soul, then eyebrows must be the frame. 🙂 I find eyebrows are one of the most important steps of any makeup routine, so today we are going to talk about how to fill them out.eyebrow_cover

My go-to eyebrow pencil is the Lioele Auto Eyebrow pencil, I find it gives a really natural result without any harsh lines. It also comes with a spooly which makes is very handy for blending out the product. But you can use any eyebrow product that you prefer, this post is just about the steps I take to fill them out.

The right way to figure out how to shape your eyebrow is to look at the following diagram:

  1. The start of the eyebrow should line up from the nose to the inner corner of the eye
  2. The highest point of the arch should be from the nose to the pupil of the eye if you are looking straight
  3. The end of the eyebrow is where the nose meets the out corner of the eye


The easiest way to do this measurement is to use your eyebrow pencil or brush.


Now that we know how our eyebrows should be shapes, let’s start!

I always begin filling out my brows at the end because I think this part should be the darkest. I start from the outer third and makes small strokes along the direction of the hair. You should end based on where you measured from the step above.


Then I use the spooly to blend out the entire eyebrow, and make little adjustments at the middle of the eyebrow.


I then fill out the beginning part of the eyebrow, but with a really light hand. Instead of following the direction of the hair, I start with vertical lines because this will help to give a polished look.


I then blend out the product again using a spooly and I finish by setting it with an eyebrow gel so the product won’t move throughout the day.

That’s pretty much it! Super easy and simple. How do you like to fill out your eyebrows?



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