My Vanity Tour

Hi there! Today I’m excited to show you my vanity setup and makeup/jewelry organization. This is the first time I actually owned a vanity table. Earlier this year, we moved into a new apartment that’s slightly bigger than our last, so I was able to claim a little corner to myself. And I really wanted this area to be a place where I come to relax and get ready.

I spent a long time figuring out what kind of vanity setup I want. I don’t have as much stuff as most of the makeup gurus out there, but it’s still enough that they get out of hand very easily.

My goal for my little vanity corner was to make a relaxing, sleek and feminine setting that also offers me an easy way to stay organized.


The two main furniture pieces I got are:

I took a long time looking for a vanity table on several websites/stores, and I looked at a bunch of Youtube videos for inspirations. The vanity table I ended up with is from Wayfair. I’m extremely happy it, it’s very simple, clean and chic. The feature that made me decide on this one is because of all the internal storage it came with.


The vanity table itself is pretty small, as I don’t have a lot of room to work with. So I wanted to keep the table top simple but feminine at the same time. In the middle of the table, I have a jewelry holder that I got as a gift, it’s one of my favorite jewelry holders because it’s very elegant and offers enough place to hold my rings and earrings. On each side of the jewelry holder, I have a salt and pepper shaker in the shape of a cute bird. I got these at a wedding, and I thought they go really well with the jewelry holder, and the color scheme.

On each side of the mirror, I bought a candle holder from Ikea to use as a makeup brush holder. Inside each of the candle holder, I threw in some pebbles that I bought from a dollar store, so the makeup brushes can individually stand up by itself.


One of my favorite things about this vanity table is that there’s a secret compartment inside the mirror. I hung my necklaces on the top tier, and it’s really convenient for the necklace to be hung up since they don’t tangle up as easily as if they were all thrown in a drawer (which was how I had them before). The second and third tier is where I keep all my nail polish and lip products.


I keep most of my day-to-day makeup products in the drawer of the vanity table. It already comes with dividers which makes organization a breeze. I won’t go into details on what makeup products I have, if you are interested, feel free to leave a comment, and I’ll do a separate post on it. 🙂

In the right-most section, I keep all of my eyeshadow palettes and individual eyeshadows. On the top left, I have some random samples I get from makeup purchases, to try out. On the bottom left, I have my concealers and mascaras.


On the left side of the drawer here, I keep all of the perfumes samples I have in a little box. On bottom left, I have all of my statement necklaces in there since they can’t be easily hung up. Top right is my eyelash curler and some q-tips I keep in a box. Bottom right is where I keep all my eyeliners, I try to sort them by color but they don’t usually stay that way. 😛


The amazing part of this vanity is even the stool has storage room. The stool itself is padded, so it’s really comfortable sitting there while I get dolled-up. 😀 On the inside, I keep my makeup bags and hair products.


Next to my vanity table, I bought a Alex-9 drawer from Ikea. When I did my research on Youtube, I found out almost everybody had one of these. It’s kind of a dresser made for storing makeup, because unlike a typical dresser, it’s skinny and tall, and most of the drawers are very shallow, so this lets you have more drawers to keep all your makeup/jewelry separated and organized without wasting a lot of space.


On top of the drawer, I keep the rest of my jewelry that I don’t normally wear day-to-day, along with some decorations. One thing to point out is on top of the jewelry organizer, I still have my cute ring plate I have from my wedding. 😀

Inside the drawers, I keep my bracelets, hair products and left over makeup stuff:


Every morning I come to this little area to get ready, and it instantly puts me in a relaxing mood. It’s a place just for me to unwind, and I get to play with all my makeup and tools. And things are organized for the first time, I love how everything has its own place so it makes it super easy to maintain and stay organized. Overall, I’m extremely happy with my purchases and how I set everything up.

How do you organize your makeup?


13 thoughts on “My Vanity Tour

    • Thanks! I love it too. This is the first time I’ve ever had a vanity and dedicated makeup storage unit, and I love it! I got a lot of inspirations from other youtubers/makeup gurus. They have *a lot* more makeup than I do, haha. 😀

  1. Oh my gooosh I’m so jealous! I literally just keep all my makeup in a caboodle or in one of those tiny little desk buckets from walmart.

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