I’m a Nerd! – Halloween Tutorial


A few weeks ago, I decided to look like a man for Halloween. It was very well received among my friends and family (my mom didn’t even recognize me), and of course you guys! 🙂 Though the makeup process was super fun, I didn’t enjoy looking like a man, and neither did my husband, hehe.

So for the Halloween party at work, I decided to look like a nerd! I thought it’d be really fun to dress up like a nerd for work since I’m a Software Engineer, and let’s just say I work in a sea of nerds. 😛

I bought the nerd costume for only 19 dollars, but this could easily be a DIY. Just find a white or plaid shirt, and a pair of high waisted pants. Buy a pair of suspenders from Target or Walmart. Wear your glasses or buy a pair of glasses from dollar store if you don’t have one, and put some tape on the glasses to give an extra nerdy kick. I wore my hair as piggy tails but you could do anything you like, pony tail or braids are all awesome ideas. Finally, make sure to roll your pants extra high and pair it with some plaid socks to complete the look. 🙂

My coworkers loved my costume, though they did think it was a little cliché of me to dress like a nerd because I already am one. 😛

What did you dress up as for Halloween?

(P.S. I’m also thinking of trying out a zombie look for fun if I get some time this weekend, I am a huge zombie fan! Stay tuned. 🙂 )


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