Single-shade Eyeshadow Looks

Today we are going to talk about eyeshadows, in particular, the ones that can be used alone as a single-shade. I’ve talked to a lot of girls who are intimidated with eyeshadows, not only do they not know how to apply eyeshadows, but to figure out which shades mix well together is a nightmare for them. My recommendations to them have always been to start out with a few eyeshadows that are good as an all-over color, and once they are comfortable with that, they can then play with mix and match with different shades.


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Colored Eyeliner

One of the makeup trends I’ve noticed this spring and summer is colored eyeliners. My default color has always been black, but this summer I decided to give colored eyeliners a try. The colors I’ve tried so far are Purple, Blue, Aqua, Brown and Gold.

My favorite is a combination of purple and aqua. I put the purple eyeliner on the upper eyelids, and the aqua on the bottom outer thirds of the eye.
Colored Eyeliners

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